Decarbonization is currently the most important challenge for the entire industry. It is a necessary step that we must take for the protection of our environment. This is why the development of Power-to-X Technologies and green synthetic fuels is so important. CAC Group actively participate in changes that will pave new paths in achieving climate neutrality. Hydrogen technologies are the foundation for achieving this goal.

Water electrolysis

For the energy transition and the decarbonization of industrial processes to be successful, it is crucial to obtain green hydrogen from electrolysis of water using renewable energy such as solar, wind and water. Green hydrogen can be stored and then used to produce green synthetic fuels. Our multi-discipline team has the expertise and technical capabilities necessary to provide services at every stage of a project from conception to commissioning of a turnkey plant.

Synthetic fuels

Hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of water fits perfectly into the chain of processes, the main goal of which is CO2 neutrality. Since 2008 our capital group has been working on its own technology for the production of synthetic fuels based on methanol. Methanol in this technology is synthesized precisely from green hydrogen and captured CO2. You can find more information on this topic on the CAC Synfuel website.


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Hydrogen technologies are close to us, that’s why we are a technology partner of the H2 Szczecin Conference – HYDROGEN DRIVES THE REGION